We offer the following as sources of payment for our services...

Private Pay



              Credit Card:    Visa  - MasterCard -  American Express -  Discover

Long Term Care Insurance Plans

              Check with your insurance agent to see if you qualify

Medicaid Elderly and Disabled Waiver Program

              We are certified to accept the E & D Waiver through the State of Mississippi's Medicaid Home and community Based Services Program.

               If you already have an E & D Waiver, please contact your case manager and ask about Adult Day Health Care

               If you do not have an E & D Waiver and your Monthly Income is below $2000, please call 844-822-4622 to be added to the wait list. A       

               case manager from Medicaid will contact you when your name is next on the list. Be patient as this will take a few months.

VA Respite Program

              We provide services through the VA's Geriatric Respite Program. To see if you qualify, contact your primary care social worker and ask

               to have a referral placed in your name.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns